Anise flavor too powerful in cranberry sauce!

My cranberry sauce turned out pretty good, but after sitting a couple nights the anise flavor really came out. I didn't leave any stars in. What can I do to kind of curb the flavor? Anything?

Shannon Aberle


Kristen M. November 28, 2019
Hi Shannon, what about some extra citrus (zest and/or juice), like orange, clementine, or lime? Or you could try adding some sweetener like maple or brown sugar, if it isn't too sweet already. If neither works out, I have to say a lot of anise sounds pretty great to me, and maybe with all the other savory things on the plate it will fit right in.
Nancy November 28, 2019
Chop and add bits of orange fruit and zest. And/or pears.
Shannon A. November 28, 2019
I love anise and it's not terrible, just wasn't sure if the masses would enjoy it. I don't think it was too sweet so I'll try the sweetener and maybe a little orange. Thanks guys!
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