How quickly should venison roasts in a slow cooker get above the "danger zone" (above 145 degrees)? Not done but safe to hold for a longer time?

I have three large roasts in a slow cooker and much of the meet is above the liquid in the pot. I am worried that the meet at the top will be at an unsafe temperature for too long. I'm cooking for a crowd, including expectant mothers so I can't afford to serve unsafe food!

  • Posted by: Anetta
  • January 4, 2020
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1 Comment

Nancy January 6, 2020
Sorry to be discouraging but I don't think hours long in a slow cooker will give tasty results. (Tender cuts of venison need to be cooked and served quickly at rare to medium rare; tougher ones need longer but can turn to shoe leather if left hours on the heat.)
Consider changing your cooking method for venison or your main dish (another meat as roast). Venison stroganoff? Venison chili? For more recipes, see hunters' websites for ideas.
For other roasts, look for "meat for a crowd" recipes.
For example, Matt and Ted Lee (brothers and Southern cookbook authors and nephews of Chef Susur Lee) recommends ham, a full brisket or lamb.
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