Need good examples of the "full bodied red wine" this recipe calls for! I'm not a big drinker, so I don't know which red wine to choose.

Please suggest brands/types of red wine for my dinner party guests. I assume "full bodied" means a Nebbiolo/Cabernet type wine, but I don't know one Nebbiolo from another, so if you can provide some brands and years, etc., that would be super helpful.

  • Posted by: newb1e
  • February 7, 2020


newb1e February 11, 2020
OP here. Thank you so much to those of you who responded! What a great community this is! We did end up going with Barolo wine. It WAS expensive, but we got the cheapest bottle of Barolo available at the liquor store (at $40) and it was worth it. The recipe didn't call for the whole bottle so we had plenty left over to sip while we made the rest of the feast for the dinner party we were hosting. We were definitely relaxed by the time our guests arrived (lol)! The guests loved the meal and didn't leave until 1am, so the party was a hit. Thanks again to those of you who added comments. I really appreciated it and I look forward to following future conversations on this site!
Nancy February 11, 2020
Glad your party and Italian stew and sampling the barolo while you cooked all turned out well!
LeBec F. February 11, 2020
I'm sorry but I do disagree with the brilliant half pint. Barolo is a deep deep POWERHOUSE of a red wine. comPLETELY different from the much much lighter shraz etc. Ask your wine store of choice to find you a reasonable barolo replaacement because it IS expensive,
Nancy February 8, 2020
Agree with Yellowtail shiraz-cab recommendations from HalfPint and her husband.
Also possible, depending on availability near you, your taste and budget for the dish:
Barolo itself, as in the name of the dish. Made in Piedmont region from nebbiolo grape. Delicious, expensive.
Other wines whose labels report being made in that region or with that grape, like Barbaresco (also delicious, usually less expensive than Barolo).
Wines from Neive, near Barbaresco region.
Gattinara, another nearby wine, with at least 90% of Spanna grape (local name for nebbiolo). Good and usually moderately priced.
HalfPint February 7, 2020
The recipe head notes say to use a red that you like to drink. I'm not a big wine drinker either, but my husband is. And he likes Yellowtail's shiraz-cabernet blend. For ~$8/bottle, it's a steal and I like the flavor too (which is saying a lot since I'm not really wine drinker). It is what I use in my bolognese sauce (recipe is on this site).
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