Creamiest beans are _____? Have you an experience to share?

awhile ago i did a cook-off comparison of many rancho gordo and other beans, and, much to my surprise, my creamiest beans were pinto beans. Any one else concur?

LeBec Fin


gandalf February 9, 2020
In terms of creaminess, I have had good results with cranberry beans as well as pinto beans; although I've had to cook the cranberry beans just a tad longer than the pinto beans.
Nancy February 9, 2020
Le bec fin - I had same experience with pinto beans. Seem to remember flageolet similar, but they are hardered to get and haven't made them in a long time.
LeBec F. February 9, 2020
nancy, YOU! YAY!!
Stephanie B. February 8, 2020
Well, they weren't rancho gordo so that could be why, but I had a hell of a time last time I made pinto beans! They stayed resolutely "al dente". I think they must have been very old. Personally I'm a fan of kidney beans. How did you make your winning pinto beans?
LeBec F. February 9, 2020
steph, after seeing the health benefits of beans over near-worthless potatoes and rice, i started making sure i considered beans in most dishes i made, from all things stewy and soup[including Borscht], to stuffed calamari and moussaka.....
Gammy February 8, 2020
Unfortunately I have never had a opportunity to enjoy any of the Rancho Gordo dried beans, but even with the most basic of grocery store canned beans, I have found that the pinto beans are surprisingly more creamy than say kidney or navy beans.
LeBec F. February 9, 2020
yay! th u.
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