That sounds like a lot of bacon!

Have folks really used 14 slices, like breakfast style bacon? Sounds a little overwhelming. Thoughts?

Susan Robinson


LeBec F. February 18, 2020
Man-o-Man, This is a totally Unnecessary SALT BOMB. If I made this, I would only use 3 pieces of cooked bacon.
Lori T. February 18, 2020
It does not necessarily need to become a salt bomb. One should be aware of the saltiness of the bacon chosen, and adjust the recipe accordingly. Saltiness can always be reduced by soaking the bacon in cold water, or by choosing to use a product like pancetta, which tends to be less salty. However, to reduce the amount of pork product is also going to reduce the taste and unctuousness of the final dish. It's not supposed to be diet food. It's supposed to be good old, stick to the ribs, peasant style winter food - made with humble ingredients available. It is a shame to miss out on a tasty dish when it would be easy to adjust the seasoning level.
LeBec F. February 18, 2020
lori, sorry but i make plenty of unctuous peasant-like stews that have almost no salt. my conviction is that salt and sugar are the demons of the american diet. ymmv.
Lori T. February 18, 2020
We shall agree to disagree on this point. My conviction is that moderation in all things is preferable to demonizing and eliminating foods. I'd also have said that portion control was the major demon of the diet, though overall fat content and unnecessary additives would be supporting malevolent entities. It's not just the miles which vary, but the quality and quantity of the fuel.
Lori T. February 13, 2020
As a matter of fact, I have made this and I did use the full amount of sliced bacon. It makes darn near a gallon of soup, so that's not really so much per serving as you might think. However, in my experience, soup recipes are not usually as dependent on precise quantities of things as say, baking recipes. So you could certainly decrease the amount of bacon to suit yourself.
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