What kind of buttermilk? Cultured or churned?

Is this true buttermilk, or the cultured kind? If cultured, could you use (thinned) yogurt instead? Thanks to all.



Lori T. February 18, 2020
Most modern day recipes calling for buttermilk are formulated to use the cultured versions. That's about all that is sold in stores anymore, and if you want the old fashioned sort you have to make your own butter to get it. Although slightly different cultures are used to produce yogurt and buttermilk, they are similar enough that I think you could easily use thinned yogurt in place of cultured buttermilk. If you are going the yogurt route, be sure you start with a product that is just a product of milk and the cultures, without added stabilizers and thickeners. I also suggest you opt for a full fat version of either, which will help cut down on the curdling that can happen if either the yogurt or buttermilk gets too hot.
LeBec F. February 18, 2020
great thinking but no need to thin the yoghurt.
LeBec F. February 17, 2020
you could, yes, but i can't say how the cultured buttermilk version would taste in comparison.
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