Hi, looking for a side dish to complement cedar plank brown sugar salmon. No potatoes or green beans please, looking for something with a twist. thx

Marina Hiterer


HalfPint February 20, 2020
I'm a little late as usual, but I usually like greens, like pea shoots or broccolini, sautéed with garlic and oil, seasoned with salt and pepper.
Kristen W. February 19, 2020
How about an Israeli couscous salad? You could dress it with an arugula pistou or simply a little olive oil and lemon juice, and add whatever veg you like to it. (P.S. Cook the couscous in stock and it will be even more flavorful.)
Nancy February 18, 2020
PS If none of the ideas suggested so far appeal to you, see Katie Macdonald article here from June 2019 with about 4 dozen suggestions of sides for salmon.
Nancy February 18, 2020
Roasted cauliflower with warm spices (ground cumin, Middle-Eastern, or Indian spice blend.
gandalf February 18, 2020
Turmeric is a good spice to use with cauliflower, also.
Miss_Karen February 18, 2020
Coleslaw made from celery root with apples in it.
Emma L. February 18, 2020
Hi Marina! Since it sounds like the salmon has a sweet sauce/seasoning, I'd opt for something tangy or spicy. Here are a few side dishes that come to mind:

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