Looking for your best wild game recipe

I recently had a problem with a wild critter of some sort getting into the attic of my creaky old victorian. After a number of visits from the exterminator we finally caught him in one of those spring-lever door traps.

I’m not good with denizens of the wild so I’m not sure what I’m looking at... a squirrel? A raccoon? Maybe it’s a possum? (I know it’s not a skunk because he doesn’t smell.)

Anyway, the exterminator tells me that if I release him he’ll likely come right back to his nest. I’d hate to kill him for no reason -- can anyone recommend a good wild game recipe? If it helps I have plenty of carrots and fennel on hand and it looks like he’d fin in my largest old Lodge dutch oven.



casa-giardino April 2, 2011
This recipe for partridge should work for "your wild game".
Greenstuff April 1, 2011
Racoon burgers are good, and possum stew is okay--the fennel will really make it. (That's real experience talking, but now I'm out the door--no more Food52 until April 2.)
Shaggy77 April 1, 2011
Peep this guy out. Also you can hit him up on twitter. Good source.
drbabs April 1, 2011
mrslarkin posted this one about a year ago; i'm sure it's delicious.
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