Identify an ingredient, please.

What kind of yellow squash are we talking about? Summer squash? Winter squash? Yellow zucchini? Delicata? Yellow pattypan? Yellow crookneck? Yellow straightneck? Ronde de Nice? Dumpling? Spaghetti? Sundrop? Let me know.

Ann Hupe


Windsoftime1799 March 24, 2020
Oh this recipe sounds soooo tasty ...will save for Summer Days...
love mint & cool soup so nice for Hot Summer Days...
Agree / the 'yellow w
squash' but any squash might do.
Yummy 🌿 Thank You !
Nicki S. March 15, 2020
Hi, this recipe calls for yellow summer squash. I hope you enjoy!
Stephanie B. March 14, 2020
Looking at the ingredients and what sounds to me like a fresh, light soup I'd say summer squash. Honestly it probably doesn't matter too much what kind of summer squash. Most of the time that I've seen summer squashes in the store they're labeled zucchini or yellow squash, regardless if the neck is crooked or straight. Maybe if you're a gardener or a squash aficionado, you have more preference. But a scan of the ingredients list should help you decide what flavor of squash will work here.
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