Can you add fish to this? I was wondering about adding fish to this dish. How would you do that and what type might be best?

I guess this could be a side dish but was also wondering if it could be more of stew?

  • Posted by: perrids
  • April 1, 2020
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Hemy's Israeli Eggplant
Recipe question for: Hemy's Israeli Eggplant

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Coral L. April 2, 2020
Hi Perrids! You could certainly add fish to this. I'd keep things simple, and pan-fry/sear a filet (a mild, flaky, white fish, like porgy or red snapper, would play *just* as well as a richer, oilier, denser fish, like a mackerel or trout) on the side (during step 7), and simply serve it alongside.

Gauging how saucy steps 6 and 7 sound (not much), I'd shy away from stewing the fish in with the eggplant. Eggplant can take all that prodding (it's really like a vegetable sponge), but a fish filet is likely to fall apart on you.

If you're committed to a stewy fish, make some extra tomato sauce in step 5, and simmer the fish in it, on the side. Combine by folding very gently right before serving.
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