Green bread, come rain or come shine

I'm guessing that you add spinach "until a drought forms" should really be "until a dough forms"? I want to make this bread, but I don't want to be responsible for causing a drought. We already have enough trouble.

  • Posted by: Maureen
  • April 3, 2020
Spinach & Milk Bread
Recipe question for: Spinach & Milk Bread


Erin A. April 3, 2020
I'd say "dough" is correct!
Maureen April 3, 2020
Thanks, Erin!
shycook April 4, 2020
I'm sorry for typo Maureen. I tried to edit the recipe but I couldn't. Somehow it doesn't let me to save updated recipe.
shycook April 5, 2020
Another update; I've change the directions, I hope it's easy to understand now. I'm sorry, I wrote such a messy recipe before.
Maureen April 5, 2020
Don't be silly, shycook! Some little typo is the least of our worries. Besides, it let me use my detective skills.
Thanks for what looks like an excellent recipe--in my favorite color!
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