Cookies baked differently in same batch

I made an oatmeal cookie with Snickers yesterday. The first pan were fine but the two subsequent pans were very thin and crisp....not bad tasting but did not even look like the first Orr the picture on the recipe. Help!

  • Posted by: Mjw
  • April 15, 2020


SMSF April 15, 2020
If your baking sheet(s) are thick and heavy, they may have been hot from baking the first batch and melted the butter/fat too quickly on the subsequent batches, causing the cookies to flatten out.

I have experienced this, so what I do for batch #2 is use another sheet (thick or thin) that's still cool. Sheet #1 should be cool enough to use for batch #3, etc. Just a thought!
Wendy April 15, 2020
I can think of two possible reasons.
Maybe the dough was not mixed thoroughly or your oven temperature was not not stable. Perhaps you opened your oven to check more frequently with the first batch.
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