Can I use 00 flour or all purpose baking mix in place of all purpose flour?

Baking without all purpose flour

  • Posted by: kimber
  • April 18, 2020


Nancy April 19, 2020
Also, a-p and 00 flour have about the same protein content, so will act similarly in development of dough, texture, crumb.
PhillipBrandon April 18, 2020
00 flour can be subbed in for AP, with minimal ill-effects in just about any application I can think of. You don't want to use baking mix (without adjusting the rest of the recipe significantly), because it will have chemical leavening, some fat, and a bit of salt.
kimber April 18, 2020
Thank you Phillip! My grocer hasn't had AP Flour since the lockdown; apparently I'm not the only one who is spending my idle time baking!
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