How do I substitute sweetened condensed milk for powdered sugar in a recipe?

I love the flavor of sweet condensed milk in desserts and wonder if I anyone has learned the tricks to substituting it for powdered sugar in a recipe. I am making the Shrewsbury Cookie recipe in the Food52 recipe files.

Elizabeth Rosenberg


MerryMarsha October 15, 2021
I Always Substitute Sweetened Condensed Milk for Powdered Sugar, Not Hard at All, I Add 1-2 Tbls Cornstarch to the Milk, I Haven't Ever Had to Rework an Entire Recipe.
HalfPint April 27, 2020
The condensed milk will add more liquid to the recipe which would require more flour or the deduction of the egg. You can't substitute the sweetened condensed milk without reworking the entire recipe. My suggestion would be making a condensed milk cookie recipe like this one:

Then adding the flavorings from the Shrewsbury cookie: toasted caraway seed and lemon or orange zest.
Elizabeth R. April 30, 2020
Thank you for your kind suggestion.
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