Any baking ideas for using Sicilian pistachio cream

Baking ideas for using this as an ingredient



HalfPint May 6, 2020
I would use it as a filling for a babka.
Happygoin May 5, 2020
I bet it would be excellent in a tart. Sweet short pastry crust, the cream (possibly lightened with a bit of whipped cream...I don't know the texture of your pistachio cream) with fresh fruits on top.
Nancy May 5, 2020
Mostly desserts like tiramisu, crepes ice cream. As a garnish or filling.
BtW, also several recipes out there using ogbin pssea, if you want a savory use.
Nancy May 5, 2020
Though I've not yet done it, nor seen it online, I might try it as the filling/paste between two meringues to make the French macaron pastry.
Or as part of a layered fancy cake, a thin layer underneath the top frosting, as marzipan is sometimes used.
Nancy May 5, 2020
Using it in pasta
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