How many carrots? I think some if the ingredients are missing from the list!

Hi, I think some of the ingredients are missing from the recipe, I can't see how many carrots I need or the vanilla essence mentioned in the method

  • Posted by: Jasper
  • May 23, 2020
Sweet Mincemeat & Carrot Cake
Recipe question for: Sweet Mincemeat & Carrot Cake


Nancy May 23, 2020
Jasper -
Can't answer your question about the linked recipe, but can provide you one that you can make with mincement alone, carrots alone, or half and half.
Made many times with great success, downloaded here many times.
Hope you enjoy whichever one you make,
Jasper May 24, 2020
Thanks Nancy, I was hoping to find a way of using up my mincemeat! But the other recipe also looks fab, I did some guesswork and think I have a cake. Thanks for the idea of a carrot mincemeat cake!
Jasper May 23, 2020
I forgot to say thank you in advance!
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