what are these strands in my baked goods?

After my banana bread sits out for a few days I see web like strands when it’s broken apart. what is it??!

Niki Marcheggiani
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Jennifer W. June 10, 2020
OK- This happens to me too! I live in Central Florida and after leaving any quick bread with fruit out unrefrigerated the bread will start to do this. Unfortunately I dont know they scientific explanation but I will tell you Im convinced its because its starting to break down and its usually accompanied by a slight off taste like its about to go moldy. When I refrigerate my breads this wont happen. I think the fruit is starting to ferment in my warm environment.
SillyBee June 27, 2020
This is my guess too. I think the stretchy strands develop as the liquids begin to separate from the flour. When it combines with the sugar, it gets that stretchy quality.
HalfPint June 4, 2020
Looks like fiber strands from the bananas.
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