I need smoker top help? No instructions came with it. No recipes either.

I love your recipes. I have downloaded many. I bought your stove top smoker because I love smoked fish. But you have left us out in the nowhere zone.
The smoker came with no directions or recipes. It’s also hard to clean but that really doesn’t bother me that much because smoking is burning. Please create a few recipes to support your product. QuestionS: Do I soak the chips? How long do I cook fish or meat?Do I keep temp on high ? Do I lower temp?
Please get back to me. I love your site n you are unique.

  • Posted by: pconlan
  • June 22, 2020
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1 Comment

HalfPint June 22, 2020
For instructions on care and maybe recipes, go to the manufacture website: https://www.zwilling.com/us/demeyere/

There are care instructions and recipes (though I did not see specific recipes for smoking food). Food52's The Shop is not the manufacturer of this product. They are the retailer. So you are better off going to Zwilling, the manufacture, if you have product specific questions. They even have a YouTube video. Just search for "Demeyere" which is the brand for this smoker.

That said, The Hotline community (like me) will try to answer some of your recipe specific questions:

1. Do I soak the chips? Whenever and whatever food you are smoking, wood chips or chunks should be soaked for a good 30 minutes-3hours. You want the wood to smoke or smolder, not catch like a bonfire.

2. How long do I cook meat or fish? It will depend on what you are preparing, the size/thickness of that protein, and how much smoke/flavor you want. A stovetop smoker is designed to impart smoke-flavor to meat or fish. It is not designed for American-style BBQ (low&slow) meat-smoking that takes hours and tenderizes meat too. Use a meat thermometer to gauge doneness and follow temperature guidelines for the specific type of meat. I like to use this type of smoker to smoke homemade bacon after curing. Homemade smoked bacon is really easy to make and delicious too.

3. Do I keep the heat high? Do I lower the heat? Heat on high to get the smoke going. Once the chips are smoking, you can lower the heat and put the cover on. I recommend lining the bottom of the smoker with aluminum foil (or making an aluminum boat) then scattering the soaked wood chips on top. This helps with clean up (immensely) and also will protect the surface of the pan bottom from scorching and getting roughed up with burnt food. You can also add aromatics/flavorings, like tea leaves, peanut shells, uncooked rice, sugar, dried citrus peels, herbs, etc.

If you want recipes, try looking at the Cameron stovetop smoker and see if they have developed recipes for their product. It's essentially the same concept and design.
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