do you think this will work with sour cherries (ripe of course)?

thank you! looking forward to making this

Tete Desmoures


Lori T. July 20, 2020
Yes, it does. I have a pie cherry tree, which produces the "sour" sort of fruit. This is one of the first things we make when the cherries ripen. I do opt to stone them, though, because I don't care for chomping on the pits. I'd taste the cherries you plan to use first, and decide if the sugar needs adjusting- but if they are at peak ripeness, it's not usually necessary. At least not with the ones I grow.
HalfPint July 20, 2020
I think it would be marvelous with sour cherries. The tartness would make the clafoutis' sweetness even better.
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