Is $860 for catering of a wedding of 40 too much?

Need help fast!!! I'm currently catering a wedding for the frist time and the client has order broccoli salad, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and mixed green salad with fruit and nuts for a wedding of 40 people. I done my math and came up with $860 but isn't that too much money for just 4 sides?



HalfPint July 23, 2020
Does the $860 also include labor and overhead (eg. utilities)? While you don't want to be greedy, you also do want to lose money. This seems to have good guidelines for calculating catering event costs:

HalfPint July 23, 2020
Oops, that should be "you also don't want to lose money". Sorry.
Nancy July 23, 2020
As this is new territory for you, perhaps consult about pricing levels with colleagues who already do vegetarian catering in your area.
Or ask outside your area, if that makes for less competition and more co-operation.
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