How much salad do i need for a wedding of 40

I'm catering for a wedding of 40 and im wanted to do a mixed green salad with fruits and nuts but im confuse on how much to make. Would love it if someone could help me out by sending a link for a recipe, etc. Thank you.



SillyBee July 22, 2020
Two things that come to mind. I'd be careful with nuts. Some people are deathly allergic even to its presence so maybe double check. Also make a bit more than you expect so you don't run out. If you search both "catering" and "wedding", on this page, some similar questions pop up. Good luck!!
Gammy July 22, 2020
Your amounts could also change depending whether this is a sit-down dinner with a served salad course or whether it is a buffet and the salad is one of the offerings. Either way, in this time of coronavirus, you may want to portion out the salad behind the scenes so you don't have guests handling serving ware.
Nancy July 21, 2020
Look at for recipes, often in quantities for 25 or 50 people, which you can adjust up or down.
Maybe use more fruits and nuts if you expect many vegetarian guests.

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