Making Refrigerated Cookie Dough Malleable

Hi there! I asked a similar question a while ago, but the proposed solutions didn't solve my problem. I have been developing a chocolate chip cookie recipe that spends 24 hours in the fridge. The problem is that I add Rice Krispies to the dough after the resting period, so I need the dough to be malleable enough to incorporate rice krispies into the dough.

I have tried: letting the dough sit at room temp for two hours, sprinkling the rice krispies on top, and splitting the cookies in half, putting the krispies in the middle, and shoving the halves back together. Is there anything y'all can recommend?



SillyBee August 6, 2020
Wow, that's a tough one. You'd think one of those recommendations would work. Ok I'm totally going out on a limb here so put away the pitch forks. :) So it sounds like you have to add the krispies pre-fridge to get it incorporated thoroughly. But in resting the dough overnight, I'm guessing the krispies get soggy? I'm wondering if there's a method to harden up the krispies beforehand so they are less prone to absorbing the dough's moisture. Maybe toasting them in an oven or low heat pan? How about using a harder cereal, like crushed or chopped Captain Crunch or Cheerios.

If one of these methods turns out to be successful, I kindly request the recipe or a box of the cookies!
SillyBee August 6, 2020
I know that the 24 hr fridge technique gives the dough a more carmelized taste palate. I'm thinking that bringing the dough completely back to room temperature again so that it's malleable won't hurt the dough at all. (just don't let the butter/fat melt) You can even try using a kitchen aid mixer at some point to help beat the dough into submission again. Then add the krispies when it's softer.
Foodwine August 1, 2020
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