Thoughts on making this gluten free

My best friend has been put on a gluten free diet so I'm now looking at baked goods and wondering if I can substitute all purpose flour 1:1 with gluten free flour. I've made a few GF recipes and find that the end product turns out dry. Any thoughts on this? I love peaches and this looks like a killer cake.

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Peach Cobbler Cake
Recipe question for: Peach Cobbler Cake

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Nancy August 4, 2020
For a shortcut to good results, instead of tinkering with the cake batter yourself (which may take a few tries to get right), maybe find a known good plain gf cake recipe and use that for the four layers.
Then use this recipe as a template for assembly...the crumble (made with a gf flour), cream and peaches to go between the layers.
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