I am having an electric pressure cooker

How can I use electric pressure cooker of hotline I am not able to cook rice or meat in it kindly suggest me what should I do

Ishrat Irshad Adv
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1 Comment

creamtea August 17, 2020
What problem are you having exactly? have you added the recommended amount of water (usually 1-2 cups at minimum; use what the recipe states as long as it is more than this amount, not less). Is the sealing gasket (the ring made of rubber/silicone) properly seated all around the top ? Make sure by pressing it all around the circumference to make sure there are no glitches. Is the valve turned to the sealing position? You can do a test run if it is a new applicance: before adding the ingredients of the recipe, place a cup or 2 of water into the inner pot, seal the lid and valve as manufacturer describes, and do a test run (called the water test). Set it for, say 3 minutes to make sure the button or other indicator goes up when pressure is reached. Then you'll know that your new applicance works. If not a new appliance and you are following manufacturer recommendations but still having issues, you should contact the manufacturer.
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