How much shrimp in this recipe?

Can you please edit the recipe to say how big a packet of shrimp is? In grams or ounces...

  • Posted by: Andrea
  • August 20, 2020
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1 Comment

Lori T. August 21, 2020
Generally recipes for things like fried rice are not too strict about the amounts of add ins. How many shrimp you use is up to you, really. You could opt to use a lot of tiny salad size shrimp, or go gung ho with the huge tiger shrimps- in which case, you would definitely just need a few per person. When you buy the shrimp, they usually state a rough guestimate of the number of shrimp per pound it contains. Then you can do the math for the number of shrimp per person you want to provide. I kind of like little shrimps, so you get more per bite - but that's all your call.
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