How do I prevent dough from drying during over night rises?

I do not have containers or plastic wrap



creamtea September 1, 2020
I have done the following with challah dough:
1) oil the bowl; flip the dough to make sure both sides have the oil
2) cover with brown compostable parchment paper (I oil that too)
3) cover the parchment paper with foil and/or a plate that fits the size of the bowl and allows some headspace for the rise
4) additional options we have tried:
-beeswax-coated fabric (it stuck--consider a layer of oiled parchment first)
-dampened tea towel plus dish, foil, or parchment (avoid waffle-weave)
Nancy September 1, 2020
Don't do such a long rise (12 hours more or less at room temp) unless absolutely needed.
If needed and you can make space, let dough rise in fridge.
Either way:
• oil the dough;
• put in large pot or bowl;
• spread dampened small towel across top of pot or bowl;
• finish by putting pot lid or large plate on top to cover and hold moisture in.
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