Bean shortcut - Using canned beans?

Hi. Can canned beans be used for this recipe? And if so, how long should they be in the water with onion & thyme? Thanks!

  • Posted by: kohr
  • September 7, 2020


AntoniaJames September 8, 2021
Yes, you can use canned beans, but you really don't want to cook them long with the onion and thyme, as that will make them too mushy. They'll already be very soft, right from the can.

What you should do instead is to finely chop the onion, which you'll saute over medium heat in a touch of olive oil with the thyme until the onion is soft. Then, add the beans, drained; heat gently for a few minutes, just until the beans are hot. Pour on the dressing as stated in the recipe, and proceed as instructed. ;o)
cindy June 5, 2022
How many cans of beans would you use for this recipe if using canned beans?
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