Outline the Importance of following work instructions, recipes and specifications to ensure successful dough processing

Any answers I would appreciate thank you



Lori T. September 20, 2020
How about you do your own homework, so you can pass your evaluation? These questions come from a standard SQA exam, so I assume you are a culinary arts student. If you do a websearch, you should find the checklist online, which will most likely contain the explanation you wish.
Ttorilouisegriggs November 17, 2020
Excuse me I was asking a question to anyone that answered I don't want someone rude like you answering if you didn't have a answer that was to do with it. If someones stuck they ask for help its a bit obvious what I was doing and IF YOU WAS GETTING AT CHEATING that's why you have a little thing called a website link to show where I had got the information from
keep your mouth shut if you have nothing helpful mate
Lori T. November 17, 2020
First of all, I'm not your mate. I could have provided a web link, but you could have as easily found it yourself with a little effort. And as far as suggesting that you were cheating- if the broom fits, fly it.
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