what is the amount of cheddar used in the video preparation?

These look amazing! I was wondering if the version in the video was doubled from the recipe we see here; it looked like a rectangle of cheddar (usually 8oz) but the recipe calls for 1 cup of cheddar (usually 4oz).

  • Posted by: Jess
  • September 22, 2020
Jalapeño Cheddar Drop Biscuits
Recipe question for: Jalapeño Cheddar Drop Biscuits


Nancy September 23, 2020
It sounds like it's only 1X of the recipe, as the chef mentions 4c flour. Thus, he will use 1 cup grated cheddar, per recipe.
About video demonstrations of recipes - I use them to learn a method or hear the presenter's stories. And only rely on them for recipes if the measurements appear onscreen or in a link.
Last, there's a question of style. Some presenters have every ingredient prepared and measured before filming, while others show larger-than-needed amounts (a bag if flour, a block of cheese) from which to measure and add as they go.
gandalf September 23, 2020
Thanks for your comments. Yes, I enjoyed the presentation; to my untrained eye it looked like more than 1 cup of grated cheddar after he was done, but since he mentioned that you don't even have to put any cheese in at all, I will make my first attempt at this recipe using 1 cup of grated cheese.

(The minced jalapeno in the video also looked like more than one jalapeno, unless he used a large one. But I have jalapenos of various sizes in my garden, so I'll figure that out as I go along.)
Nancy September 23, 2020
Yes, I would do as you are planning...go with original amounts of cheddar and jalapeno on first time round.
If you taste and more of either or both ingredients, you can always add when serving, or in next time you are baking these biscuits.
Jess September 23, 2020
Thanks so much, Nancy. I sort of suspect the full 8oz (=2c) was used, but I'll make it as written the first time. Excited to try it!
Jess September 23, 2020
I thought the same, with the jalapeno! I'm going to follow your lead and try it as written the first time. Excited to see how they turn out!
gandalf September 22, 2020
Good question; I watched the video, and can't tell. I also posted this question in the comment section of the actual recipe, so perhaps someone can help us out.
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