Can you roll out this dough and use a cookie cutter?

Can this dough be rolled out and then used with cookie cutters? I would like to make pumpkin shaped sugar cookies using this recipe. It sounds amazing.

  • Posted by: lucille
  • September 26, 2020
Chewy Sugar Cookies
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AntoniaJames July 22, 2021
I wouldn't try that. Knowing what I do about the cookies doughs with which I've worked over the years that called for scooping and rolling, they generally don't have enough structure to handle being rolled out. From the photo of these cookies, I think they would fall into that category, too.

If you want some roll out cookies to cut with your pumpkin shaped cookie cutter, it would be better to find a recipe designed for rolling and cutting.

Here's one that's tried and true - made many times by the author and her family, tested by the Food52 test kitchen, and made by me (they were a big hit with recipients of my holiday gift packages one year!):

lucille July 22, 2021
Thank you Antonia!
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