I wanted to make these for some young children and thought I would take CathyB's idea to roll the cookies in colored sugar. Just wondering, should...

... I just dip the tops of the cookie dough balls, or roll the whole thing in the colored sugar?

Robin O'D
Chewy Sugar Cookies
Recipe question for: Chewy Sugar Cookies


mrslarkin July 26, 2011
that's great to hear, cgilsbach!! Glad you like them.
cgilsbach July 26, 2011
I mixed a bit of colored sugar in with my turbinado, rolled the whole thing. Awesome, awesome, awesome! The colored sugar makes them so pretty too.
Robin O. May 5, 2011
Thanks mrslarkin! They turned out great, I will definitely try the original next time.
mrslarkin May 5, 2011
Hi Robin! I would roll the whole ball in the colored sugar. Let me know how they turn out for you!
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