My Pie was still wet in the middle even after baking for over 45 minutes fir

I baked for over 45 minutes and my pie was still “wet (undercooked) in the middle even after cooling overnight. I didn’t want to keep in the oven beyond 45 minutes as I was afraid that would burn the crust. I used a 9 inch pie pan and follow the instructions exactly. (In fact, it was my second time making it.) The first time came out perfectly. How long is appropriate to keep in the oven nd when is a good time to take out?



Lori T. November 8, 2020
Puree varies a bit on the precise water content, which in turn can require more baking time to evaporate. That's one reason why you can't really bake to a specific time, and have to rely on other clues or internal temperature to determine doneness of baked goods. If your pie filling is still wet and your crust has browned to your liking- the next step is to fashion foil strip covers for those edges. Those will help keep the edge crust from burning, while the filling finishes up. They also make crust shields for just this reason, although I find foil strips work just as well. A pie like this can easily take upwards of an hour to bake, especially if your pie dish is a bit deep. All you can do is keep a close watch on it once the center wet portion reaches about the size of a tennis ball, and remove when it's about the size of a quarter. Residual heat will generally finish off that last bit nicely, and no risk of overbaking. Meanwhile, you can rescue that last pie if you want. Use strips of the foil to protect the crust, reheat your oven to 350, and pop that pie back in. Keep a close eye on it, because it is so close to being done properly. The best way to check is to give the plate a gentle shake, and watch that center part. Once the filling heats and it starts finishing the center, it will go from gooey jiggle to done and cracking fairly quickly.
suzannakang November 8, 2020
Thank you so much!! This is so helpful and makes a lot of sense. I appreciate your detailed reply. Going to try my 3rd attempt.
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