Shelf Life of a simple Aioli Sauce

I have a simple aioli sauce that several recipes from the Mealime app call for. It is 2 tbls. mayo, 1 tbls. lemon juice and 1/2 tbls. minced garlic. This makes a small single serving. I would love to make it in "bulk," so to speak, or at least enough for a couple of meals. My question is... with these ingredients, stored in the fridge, what would the shelf life be? Week? Month? Also, would the storage container type change/affect that, glass verses plastic, etc.?

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1 Comment

Nancy November 17, 2020
Because of the addition of other ingredients, especially the garlic, the sauce lasts about as long as homemade mayonnaise...about week to 10 days refrigerated.
Tastes better the fresher it is.
I make about 3-4 days' worth at a time...enough for convenience, not so much to lose the initial bite.
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