I bought some ground Italian sausage on sale a few weeks back and froze it.

I thawed out on package for lasagna and it has a funky taste. Is there anything I can do to get the taste out. I have three packages and would hate to throw it out but as it is now it is inedible.

Warren Cole


Kristen W. November 21, 2020
Ah, gotcha. I think the word “funky” threw me. Well, the acidity of a tomato sauce and other elements like aromatics and spice can help diffuse the funky taste but I doubt you can mask it entirely, and I suppose whether that would be enough depends on your threshold for tolerating a taste you fundamentally don’t like. I’ve tried masking ingredients that tasted strange or bad to me by ramping up other elements in the dish and personally it never works for me. Rather, it winds up being a lot of ingredients and a lot of effort spent on something that is essentially unappetizing to me. It’s a bummer when that happens, though!

Incidentally, I freeze chicken sausage all the time and never noticed a funky taste/smell. I don’t know what protein you’re sausage is made from or if that makes a difference, but might be worth trying another brand. Others can weigh in on this; it’s just not my experience with chicken sausage. Anyway, sorry your sausage wound up funky!
Kristen W. November 20, 2020
Well, in general a funky smell indicates that something is spoiled or rancid so I would cut your losses and not try to salvage it. You can, however, usually return it if you have the containers or receipt to show where you bought it and they will likely replace the meat or refund you the money. Most supermarkets are grateful if you alert them to a potential food poisoning situation since that is definitely something they want to avoid. Even if you don’t have a way to return it the store manager might appreciate a heads-up.
Warren C. November 20, 2020
Hi Thanks for responding. I think you misunderstood my question. The sausage isn't bad, it got the taste from being frozen. When you freeze sausage it gets a taste. I'm just wondering if I could say put it in tomato sauce or something to hide or mask the funky flavor
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