Hi, Can is substitute barley for the buckwheat groats?

  • Posted by: Bianca4s
  • November 22, 2020


Bianca4s November 22, 2020
Hi Erin,

Thank you for your response, and the lovely recipe. This being Covid times, I had to make do with what is in the house and garden - I quickly boiled the barley (no buckwheat in the panty) then tossed it in the olive oil and salt and roasted about 15-20 mins - it is a crunchy delight- perfect and the right texture. I would have gone for a sub of pistachios if had them on hand. Also no dill in house, but fresh mint and parsley in the garden - added that to the yogurt and no caraway so I subbed fennel - as a final flourish I used some Oaktown Spice Shop smoked Alderwood salt - perfection!! Love the recipe and will make again - great base to improvise on ... for me cooking is like great jazz, once the technique is down - it's all improvisation!
Bianca4s November 22, 2020
Lol no buckwheat in the pantry!
Erin S. November 22, 2020
Hi Bianca!

Since the buckwheat is baked in the oven, and not par-boiled, I'd suggest subbing for something else crunchy rather than whole barley. Do you have nuts (sliced almonds or pistachios would be delicious!) or oats (steel cut or rolled)? I think something smaller with a shorter cooking time would be a great option. Alternatively, you could cook the barley and then toast once fully cooked—hope this helps!

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