Too Much dry brine? I dry brined my 6 lb bone in double turkey breast last night.

I looked around at a few recipes and loosely used a BA version calling for 1/3 C Diamond Crystal. I did use the right kind, which is less salty than others if I remember right. I did look around a bit and saw a wide range of salt levels. Now I'm looking more and it seems like 1T per 5lb is pretty standard. I'm so worried I ruined my turkey!! Any ideas, advice, or maybe reassurance? Thank you!



Amanda G. November 25, 2020
Hi there! I would go ahead and brush off some of the brine, if you can. But you likely didn't ruin your bird, since it was only brining over a short period of time, and not all the way up to roasting time. Food52 also has a guide to brine, if that's helpful!
ReisTanzi November 25, 2020
Amanda, thanks so much, I tried but it's pretty much dissolved. Maybe I'll try rinsing. I'll check out the guide, thank you.
Amanda G. November 25, 2020
Ah, gotcha - if you can link up the BonApp recipe you used, I can also take a look and see if there's anything in the recipe that might offset the amount of salt!
ReisTanzi November 25, 2020
Thanks so much Amanda, but no, just a little sage and thyme.
ReisTanzi November 25, 2020
PS - I did use a little less than the 1/3C called for, but I'm not sure by how much.
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