Is fresh turkey breast still good?

I've had a fresh turkey breast in the refrigerator for four days. When I unwrapped it, there was one flap of skin that looked rather grayish, which I cut off. The rest looks fine, but I'm a little worried. Is this okay to use?

Michele Blake


Jacob P. November 26, 2020
Hi Michele,

Were you given a use/freeze by date on the package? This is your best guide with fresh meat if you are unsure. If it is past the use by date or has any other signs of spoilage I would recommend not proceeding. Like Lori, I also sympathize for your loss!

Happy Thanksgiving
Michele B. November 26, 2020
Hi Jacob, the sell by date is 11/27, and someone from the butcher shop said it would be okay in the fridge until Thanksgiving. The rest of it looks fine and smells fine - it was only a small flap of skin that looked odd. We are trying to accept that we may have to have a vegetarian Thanksgiving. I appreciate the sympathy!

Lori T. November 26, 2020
The recommended storage time for a fresh turkey is only 2 days maximum before you need to cook or freeze. The risk of food poisoning is a bit too great at the 4 day mark, I'm afraid. Though I sympathize with the loss, that would be the safest choice for you.
Michele B. November 26, 2020
Thank you, Lori, I understand the concern and need for caution. I am thankful for your advice and sympathy. It will be an interesting dinner!
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