Attn: Erin McDowell. Erin, why are my pumpkin pies coming out speckled?

This happened at Thanksgiving and just now at Christmas. I'm using Libby's pumpkin and recipe, which I used years ago and this didn't happen. I'm diabetic now, so I divide the sugar by half. This is the only change I've made this time around. Also, I don't think I ever used an electric beater; I think I've always wisked. *Don't feel bad for me. lol I like the spice flavor, and it seems to be enhanced in the absence of that excess sugar. ERIN, HELP!

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Lori T. December 26, 2020
I'm not Erin, but it looks to me as if some of your spices were not as finely ground as usual. It's likely either the cinnamon or the nutmeg, which can float up through the mixture as it bakes and sets. A custard that is ever so slightly thinner than usual can also take a bit longer to set, and also allow spices to float more. I'm sure it tastes just fine otherwise. I've had the odd speckled pie myself, matter of fact. It may not have been internet photo ready, but it ate just as quickly as any of the others did.
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