Can you use fresh truffle shavings?

What else might need to be added to use fresh black truffles or would that not work?

Annie Clarke
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Ravioli in Truffle Cream Sauce
Recipe question for: Ravioli in Truffle Cream Sauce

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Lori T. December 28, 2020
Salsa Tartufata contains olives, capers, mushrooms and olive oil as well as the black truffle. The exact formulation varies depending on the maker, though. In order to get the flavor you are looking for, you'd want to recreate that sauce. I don't know how much fresh truffle you have, but making the salsa isn't that difficult once you assemble the ingredients. At least it would help preserve that precious and expensive truffle longer. But if you want to stick to just shaving the truffle, you could do omit the salsa and simply shave it over the pasta to finish the dish. I imagine a drop of truffle oil wouldn't go amiss either. I personally don't care for them, so I can't offer you much help otherwise.
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