What is best as Greek yogurt substitute?

If I only have Greek yogurt and sour cream which should I substitute for the regular yogurt called for? Thinking half of each?? Of Greek yogurt thinned with milk?

Olive Oil & Yogurt Cake
Recipe question for: Olive Oil & Yogurt Cake


LaMar January 24, 2021
i've subbed Greek yogurt thinned with water (not milk, though why not) and its worked great.
Callan C. January 24, 2021
Agreed, I would try Greek yogurt thinned with milk! I think that will be the closest to regular yogurt. I haven't tried subbing sour cream in this particular cake, but I think the recipe is forgiving enough that it could work just as well.
creamtea January 24, 2021
I would try the latter, Greek yogurt thinned with a little milk, since Greek yogurt is simply yogurt that has been strained for a period of time to thicken it by removing excess liquid. I would err on the side of less-liquid-than-you-think and then see whether the consistency of the batter appears normal; in any case I really don't think you can go wrong here.
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