Clarification on how to cut the broccoli

Hi! I just made this and will try it at lunch tomorrow. However, I think I messed up the slicing of the broccoli. Do you use a floret/stem the size of the one featured in the photo and slice thinly vertically? I think I wound up chopping mine...I'm sure it will still taste good!

Erin W.
  • Posted by: Erin W.
  • January 24, 2021
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1 Comment

Nancy January 27, 2021
You're right...whatever you cut it, chatted broccoli tastes good.
A⁰The recipe directions say to cut in thin slices but/and the photo has a few of the florets with stalk attached.
I think I would cut according to season and size of the vegetable. More florets and stalks from new, delicate ones, more slices on older and thicker vegetables.
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