Strange question! How do you keep braised short ribs IN the bone?

For presentations sake, I’d like the meat on the bone, but for eating I want the meat fall off tender.. Thoughts? Thanks!!

  • Posted by: heiwei
  • January 30, 2021


Lori T. January 31, 2021
The trick is in braising in one single layer, and then carefully transferring each piece to the final individual serving plate. You need a large spatula or spoon to do the task, and some almost asbestos fingers to help assist. I wouldn't try putting them in a large communal serving platter and then sharing them out, because the more they are moved and handled, the more likely they are to come apart. And if you don't succeed with all of them, it's not a big deal. What folks are interested in is the tender meat, not piling bones on the side of the plate.
heiwei January 31, 2021
Thank you!
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