Venison Wellington tips I've bought the wrong cut of meat

I've bought a venison roasting joint by mistake, not loin... can i still make my Wellington if I pre cook it and let it cool?

Martyn Sommerville


Lori T. February 6, 2021
I think you would be better off slow roasting that haunch and enjoying it that way. If you try cooking it first, wrapping it Wellington style and rewarming it, you are likely to end up with overcooked and tough meat. You can bone out the haunch, and do it very much like a boned leg of lamb, and I actually rather prefer it to the Wellington style. You may have your heart set on Venison Wellington, but you are going to have to enjoy a roast haunch instead. I'd say I was sorry, but honestly, I'm too jealous of anyone with venison to eat. :)
Martyn S. February 7, 2021
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question... I will take your advice even though yes, I did have my heart set on a Wellington! We live and learn... thanks again.
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