Sausage and dumplings vs chicken and dumplings

Can I make sausage and dumplings the way I make chicken and dumplings? Fry the sausage add water and then the drop biscuits?

Beth Hamrick LaVan
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1 Comment

Lori T. February 9, 2021
What sort of sausage are you discussing? The bulk breakfast sort, or the stuffed in a casing sort? I suppose you could do either one, though if you used bulk sausage you would want to either drain a good bit of fat off or use a brand that tended to be lean. The main problem will be that when you boil any ground meat, it tends to get mushy and turn to bits. But there are recipe versions of sausage gravy with dumplings, so maybe you should have a look at some of those and get ideas about what you would like to do.
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