I Can't Get Crumb Mixture To Stick

Whenever I try to fry something in crumbs (flour>eggwash>crumbs) the coating (or most of it) on the product falls off. This happens whether I'm shallow-frying or deep-frying, and whether it's chicken or seafood. The oil is at 170-180°and I'm using Canola which apparently is the one to use. What's goin' on?



HalfPint May 5, 2021
Have you tried putting the food into the fridge after coating it? I have seen cooks coat the food and then chill it on a tray to dry out, ~1 hour or so. Makes for a better crust. Worth a try.
HalfPint May 5, 2021
Also, 170-180 Celsius, correct? If Celsius, 190C is recommended. If Fahrenheit, then that's your problem. 170-180F is much too low. You want the oil to be 375F.
Scottolotto May 5, 2021
Yes Celsius, sorry, should have mentioned that!
Scottolotto May 5, 2021
Thanks for that, will give it a try
Scottolotto May 8, 2021
Just thought you might like to know - I was coating the prawns and scallops just after they had been defrosted thinking that being pretty wet it would help the flour stick - wrong! Patting them dry first combined with, as you suggested, leaving the product in the fridge for a couple of hours helps greatly.
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