Quantity of Heavy Cream & Milk Chocolate?

I'm planning to make this for my daughter's 16th birthday later this week and I just noticed that the measurements for heavy cream in the pie and filling sections are conflicting: Both sections call for 1/4 C. heavy cream, but the weight for the two is different (50 v. 117 grams). I prefer using my scale for measuring and I really do not want to mess up this recipe. The same is true of milk chocolate in the same sections. Help?

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Milk Chocolate Cream Pie
Recipe question for: Milk Chocolate Cream Pie

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Emily K. June 1, 2021
Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for noticing the discrepancy and reaching out—we've gone ahead and updated the recipe with the correct weights. Let us know if any other questions come up. Hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday and loves this pie as much as we do!
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