Hello, this recipe sounds and looks amazing. I thought about 'dry' brining the pork chops about 12 hours before grilling them. Just curious if the dry



Food52-Community June 10, 2021
Hi there! It looks like your question might have gotten cut off, but if you let us know what you're wondering here (and you haven't already made these), we'll do our very best to answer it.
betolito71 June 10, 2021
Sorry about that! I haven't made them yet, I was just wondering if dry brining the chops, as opposed to put in an air-tight container would change intended flavor. Thanks!
Food52-Community June 15, 2021
So sorry to keep you waiting! This actually is a dry brine, but you'll just store them in the airtight container in the fridge while they brine :). Hope that helps—let us know how they turn out!
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