Substitute for the 2 whole eggs

Is there a substitute for the 2 whole eggs?
Can you just use 4 egg whites for the waffles to come out fine?
Toasted Coconut Waffles
Recipe question for: Toasted Coconut Waffles


Nancy July 2, 2021
It will definitely work.
Some sources say using all whites instead of whole eggs makes baked goods (including waffles) less tender, and suggest adding a tabelspoon of oil or fat to replace that lost from the absent yolk.
OTOH, there is already coconut oil in this and if you're switching to whites to reduce fat, it makes no sense to add some back.
Nancy July 2, 2021
Um, that's 4 whites to replace
2 whoie eggs, and 2 whites in original. Needs 6 whites total for one recipe.
Thanks very much for your tip! Going to try the recipe today!
That makes sense to me, I suppose I could just increase the coconut oil a bit to compensate for the loss of the egg yoke. I am not necessarily concerned about the fat, I'm doing a special elimination diet for food sensitivities and can't have egg yoke for this month. Thanks for answering my question!
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