No pecorino around here! Parmesan OK?

Sounds delish! I scored a beautiful burrata.
But no pecorino anywhere nearby. Can I use freshly grated parmesan?
Will the consistency be wrong?



EmilyC July 2, 2021
Hi there -- Yes, parmesan will work! Just be aware that parmesan (for reasons I don't understand!) doesn't emulsify as well in the dressing as pecorino does; it may look slightly broken, but it'll still be delicious! And since this is such a big, rustic salad, it won't really matter much. Just wanted to note this so you'll know what to expect!
HappyHugs July 2, 2021
Thank you.
I'm going to make this tomorrow. I will whisk vigorously in hopes that the dressing emulsifies -- but as you said, it's supposed to be "rustic"!
Looking forward!
Nancy July 2, 2021
Yes, and if you like or can get feta , manchego or roquefort, tgeu will restore some of the sheep milk flavor you would have had with pecorino.
Nancy July 2, 2021
They will restore...
AntoniaJames July 1, 2021
Yes!! ;o)
HappyHugs July 1, 2021
Thank you! :)
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