Who has this amount of time to spare in the morning?

Would it be an idea to have separate categories for weekday breakfasts (say up to 15 min prep time) and weekend/holiday's breakfasts? Or to park all laborious breakfasts in the Brunch category?

Bart Otte
Breakfast Casserole
Recipe question for: Breakfast Casserole


Nancy July 8, 2021
Bart - I hear two questions in your written one - how to categorize weekday and weekend breakfast recipes in food52 and in your own storage.

Antonia James has addressed the one for food52.

For for home sorting, you can make your own categories (whether saved on line, in a recipe storage app or in a physical format like a 3-ring binder).

Also, one practical tip:
If you want a casserole for breakfast, but don't have time to assemble AND cook one on a weekday, there are many recipes that can be assembled the night before, stored in the fridge, then baked in the morning (say, while you're getting yourself and/or family ready for the day).

Most have some mixture of grain, protein, vegetables and liquid (sauce, milk, eggs) to hold it all together. Think lasagna, savory bread pudding, quiche, shakshuka and the like.
AntoniaJames July 8, 2021
You raise a great point! I for one would find it very helpful if there were a filter for searching that was "20 minutes total, or less," but then you have the problem of recipe creators not selecting that tag when they post. Recipes like the breakfast casserole arguably should be labeled as both brunch and breakfast. Again, that would depend on the person posting the recipe.

Perhaps the editorial team at Food52 could establish an internal protocol so that at least all of the recipes that are "test kitchen approved" (or that are tagged by the Food52 staff, if that's a different subset of recipes) are designated that way. ;o)
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